Half Mask Professional ffP3 Anti-Gas Dust Mask with Goggles Protection - CE Certified - Fine Dust Protection - Painted


AntiGas Dust Mask GENYED®

- Professional Respirator Class A1P3
- Complete with goggles
- No. 6 Spare P3 Filters Included
- CE certified
- Universal filter connection compatible 3M
- Free shipping 24/48 hours

£ 31.90


When you work, breathe well, breathe better.

  • BREATHE CLEAN AIR - The mask with double active carbon filter combined with a class P3 cotton filter provides total protection from: toxic and irritant gases, fine dust, chemicals, paints, weed killers, vapours, fumes.
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES - The goggles offer a wide field of vision. The scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses do not fog up and protect the eyes from pollutants and particles at high speeds.
  • CERTIFICATIONS  - All components comply with European personal safety standards: Mask CE EN140:1999; Filter cartridge A1P3 CE EN14387; Filter ffp3 CE EN143:2000; Protective goggles CE EN166:2002.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

GENYED® Protective Goggles and Mask are suitable for both hobby and professional use.

Some examples of use:
- Spray painting
- Sanding
- Building work
- Painting
- Joinery work
- Use of herbicides
- Flue cleaning
- Welding
- Pesticide use
- Polishing
- Grinding
- DIY  

The filters supplied have a protection factor of class A1P3. They are certified according to European standards UNI EN 14387 (anti-gas/vapours and combined) and EN143 (anti-particulate/dust).

It is not possible to determine the exact duration of the filters, because it depends on the degree of pollution in the air, the frequency of breathing, etc.
It is recommended to replace the filters as soon as an odour is detected.

The GENYED® mask has a bayonet filter connection, compatible with most filters on the market, in particular with 3M 6000/7000 series products.
This makes it very easy to find filters, to have a wide choice of protection levels and to buy at competitive prices.
To search for the gas cartridge or the P3 particle filter, type the phrase in the search bar "3M 6000 filter" to find various offers.

The mask is one size fits all. Thanks to its ultra-soft and flexible material, it adapts to any face shape. The different adjustments allow the pressure of the mask on the face to be optimised for a perfect fit/insulation.

The mask is washable. After removing the filters, clean the respirator internally with alcohol. Wash externally with neutral detergent, then rinse with water at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C.

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